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Train Station Ticket Window (SOLD)

31 October 2012

This is an amazing, heavy, train station ticket window from the 1920′s.  The gal we purchased it from thinks it has roots back to New York.

I think this would make great art, and one customer even looked at it to use abover her desk in her office as her bulletin/pin board!  Price= $349

Set of Six 1948 Gasparilla Low-Ball Glasses (SOLD)

31 October 2012

Gasparilla is right around the corner!  Accent your party with authentic local vintage glassware!  This set of six Gasparilla low-ball glasses are marked 1948 and inlcude a shield.  Price= $39

Green Accent Chair with Nailhead Trim (SOLD)

31 October 2012

Fabulous vintage condition!  We had to pick up this guy because of the amazing nailhead trim!!  Price= $119

Gorgeous Retro Light Fixture (SOLD!)

31 October 2012

Amazing period piece!  Complete with oversized bulbs and alls!  Price= $199


Don’t Let Your Mustache Get Wet!

25 January 2012

We’re normally not your teacup type of vintage shop, but these are extra special.  I actually have a personal collection of my own.

Back in the 1800′s these mugs were used by men- the ceramic insert was there so that they would not get tea on their mustache when they sipped.  Traditionally they would be given as a gift from the man’s wife before he would leave to travel somewhere- that’s why many of them say ‘A Gift’, ‘A Present’, ‘Think of Me’, etc.  The Victorians were such romantics!

Nowadays they are fun to use as everyday tea or coffee cups (by men OR women).  I use them at work and all of my co-workers get a kick out of hearing the story about them.

They are about 140 years old or so- tha’s a long time to survive for something so fragile!  Price= $20 ea.  **Great V-day gift!

Glossy Teal Side Table

12 January 2012

The larger piece we did in this color was really popular, so we decided to try it with a smaller accent pice.  This is a vintage mahogany side table that we painted in a high-gloss teal.  Because the high-gloss finish is more modern, it has not been distressed.  It has a single drawer for storage (think remotes or magazines for the living room, or bedside items if you use this next to your bed).  Price= $69

Chalk Paint Lingerie/Jewelry Chest (SOLD)

12 January 2012

These tall, slim multi-drawer chests are perfect for so many uses- they are made for lingerie and jewelry, but you can also use them to store craft supplies or a number of small household things.  This one has been refinished using Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint.  It’s been waxed and buffed to a smooth finish.  Price= $199

Small Funky Side Table

12 January 2012

This is one of those neat two-tone pices.  For being so small, this little guy has a lot of detail!  Price= $59

Vintage HELP Phone (SOLD)

12 January 2012

This is a neat industrial piece- very reminiscent of the classic red phone booths of the past.  It actually has a phone it in…we haven’t tested it out, but most of these old phones are pretty easy to modernize.  I think it would be so cool if you made it a working phone for your home!  I actually looked around online to try to find some info about this piece and not many of them exist- it’s a pretty cool, rare find.  Price= $150

Magic 1930′s Desk (SOLD)

12 January 2012

We paint a lot of pieces, but the wood on this desk is just such a rich, beautiful color that I can’t imagine it any other way.  This piece is from the 1930′s and it does what I call a ‘magic trick’.  The place where the typewriter is flips down so that the work area on the desk becomes one big, flat surface while the typewriter is stored inside the walls of the desk.  I just think this is the neatest thing! 

I picture this piece being used in a newsroom for a newspaper during the depression- some reporter working late into the night trying to get his stories out for press the next day (yes- sometimes I like to daydream about the pieces and imagine the lives they lived until now).  :) But it’s cool to think that this piece is THAT old that it was around during the depression!

Price= $229

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