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Black Industrial Stool (SOLD)

15 February 2012

This is a great factory type of piece- perfect for a higher desk workspace or extra side chair!  Price= $69

French Baby Crib c1840

1 February 2012

This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime pieces!  I’m fascinated with anything French and vintage, as I think there is a magic about Old Paris that we wish we could capture in our lives today.  This antique crib came from Paris and is circa 1840.  The wood has a gorgeous patina, as do the metal hooks and o-rings that attach the crib to it’s stand. 

I snatched this up the second I saw it because it called to me, and I’ve been thinking about different ways one might incorporate it into their home.  It could be used very carefully as a planter (with a protective tray at the bottom), or it could be displayed in a guest room and used to hold extra blankets, pillows, and towels.  If you have any additional ideas please share!  Price= $399

1800′s Coffin Plate (SOLD)

1 February 2012

This definitely makes one interesting conversation piece!  This is an actual coffin plate from the 1800′s.  The piece actually has a simple beauty about it.  Price= $59

We Have Purchased Several Pieces From PSM, But This Piece Takes The Cake! -Tiffany W

25 January 2012

Button Tack Office Chair (SOLD)

25 January 2012

This is another very ‘resto’ piece, with the manly design and button tacking around it.  The cushion has some wear but it gives it more character.  Price= $99

Small Spinet Desk (SOLD)

25 January 2012

I wish I had taken a couple more pics of this piece, because these little desks are pretty neat.  If you need a petite piece for a small workspace this is the perfect solution, as the top folds down to keep things nice and tidy!  Completely folded down it looks like the pic below, and can double as an entry table, etc.

These are popular in restoration hardware style designs.  Price= $169.  It’s also paintable and can be done in a custom color for you.

Unique Curvy Leg Desk

25 January 2012

This piece has such a nice wood finish on it that we don’t want to paint it.  It’s open on one side and the other side has a drawer on the bottom and a little cubby on top (we actually have one of our industrial baskets in the cubby right now and it fits perfectly!  Price= $199

Damask Pattern Couch- Nice Fabric!

25 January 2012

This is a great sized piece!  It’s not too long, but it’s larger than a settee.  It has a solid wood frame and nice ball and claw feet.  The fabric is a beautiful, neutral color with very faint damask patterns over the entire design.  Unfortunately it’s kind of hard to see the damask in the picture, but it’s very pretty and subtle.  Price= $299

Depression Era (1930′s) Sales Tax Tokens

24 January 2012

I always like a good piece of American history, and that’s why these caught my attention.  During the Great Depression, people valued their pennies so much that they actually dealt in fractions of cents!  These are sales tax certificates valued at 1/8 of a penny, 1/4 of a penny, etc. 

These days, if you buy something from me for $17.50 and I calculate tax at 7% it comes out as $1.225.  Nowadays we round that up to $1.23, but back then you would literally pay the merchant $1.22 plus a half of a cent worth of sales tax tokens.  The problem is that only 12 states did this, and each state only accepted their own tokens, so imagine how much change people were carrying around!  Needless to say….it didn’t last long.

It makes a cool little remembrance of the past though- I have several available, all different states.  Price= $3.0025 each.  Kidding- you can round that down to $3.00 ;)

Cottage Style Dresser (SOLD)

22 January 2012

This is NOT the same one I posted last week- it’s a tad shorter and the knobs are different, but it IS the same color  :)  It’s a nice, solid-wood vintage piece with dovetailing in the drawers.  It has been professionally refinished and slightly distressed.  Price= $199

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