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New Arrival- Set of 4 Solid Wood Chairs (SOLD)

16 July 2011

This is a gorgeous set of four chairs shabbied to a perfect finish!  They were really dark wood originally, and it shows through really nicely.  A great find in a complete set!!  Price= $369 for all four (less than a hundred bucks each!).  They’d look really cute with cushions on them.

Antique Glass Medical Slides- Lung Cancer (SOLD)

5 July 2011

Eek!  It’s amazing that even back in the 30s and 40s we could see the damage that lung cancer causes.  I know that many of you collect old medical stuff, and while these are not the most positive medical images, they are interesting.  I had 56 of them when I brought them in Saturday and have already sold several, but there are lots of good images remaining.  Price= $5 each

New Arrival- Enamel Top Factory Desk (SOLD)

14 June 2011

We get a few of these enamel-topped pieces in every once in a while, but this is the first desk we’ve had!  It’s a nice smaller size and has a little drawer for storage. 

New Pics of Paper Street Market!

20 November 2010

If you haven’t been in in a while come and see what you’re missing!

For Sale at Paper Street Market

11 October 2010

Here are some pictures I took this weekend of different items that we currently have for sale in the shop!

New Finds- Antique Humidor (SOLD)

2 May 2010

We managed to hit THREE dealer shows this weekend, and we came home with a few nice treasures!  Here’s the info on a few of my favorite pieces…

Antique humidor/smoking stand

Price:  $125

A taste of old Ybor!  This antique humidor/smoking stand would make a great entry table, side table, or decorator piece in your home.  The inside is copper lined and the top holds an ashtray, which can be easily removed.  Email us if you are interested in this piece

Bonus!  We have the original antique tobacco tins that go on the bottom shelf.  They will come with the piece.  I missed them in the pics- sorry!


El Toro- The Charging Bull (SOLD)

2 May 2010

Like a bull in a china shop….this guy will fit right into your china cabinet!  He’s made of bronze and heavy for his size.  He has nice verdigris (that’s where as metal ages you can see patches of greenish tint).  Very nice patina.  Overall he measures 10.5″ horns to hoof and 8″ tall.

Price:  $50 


Give me some props. No, seriously….give me some props! (SOLD)

2 May 2010

These are too cool!  I’ll work on getting better pics soon but I’m so excited to post these…

Freedman Burnham Wooden Propellers (2)

Price:  $75 each (SOLD!!!!)

These would look perfect above an entryway or as wall art at home or in your office!  These are authentic Freedman Burnham Engineering wooden propellers from a culver cadet plane circa 1935.  Collectible for so many reasons- early americana, aviation, mechanics/motor evolution, etc.  Each propeller is 35″ long


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