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Gorgeous Empire Dresser in Parchment (SOLD)

19 June 2012

Fantastic chunky piece balances out perfect with the delicate parchment color.  Light distressing allows the original dark wood to show through.  These empire pieces are quite popular in design at the moment.  Price= $279

Industrial Cart Coffee Table (SOLD)

18 June 2012

Check out this bad boy!  Talk about heavy and industrial….this piece has the original wood, which has been re-stained/sealed.  We also did the metal to seal it in and bring out the color.  It measures about 5 feet wide and 30″ deep.  Price= $499

Two-Sided Industrial Sign (SOLD!)

18 June 2012

This sign was salvaged from an old barn- it is two-sided and was made for a business using an old Coca Cola sign….you can still see some of the letters from ‘Coca Cola’.  It is two-sided with nice graphics, and we have poly-coated it for preservation and to bring out the colors.  Price= $249

Small Blue Cabinet (SOLD!)

18 June 2012

This is a nice petite piece!  Two doors and funky bell feet.  It’s been professionally refinished in our workshop and sanded to a silky smooth finish!  Price= $199

Antique Dress Form (SOLD)

5 October 2011

This is a different one, because we sold the other one so fast and have lots of requests for these.  Overall it’s in nice condition for it’s age.  It also gets taller on it’s stand- I took this pic when it was collapsed.  Price= $98

Small Polished Glass Chunks

5 October 2011

I’m so glad that Josh brought in some small versions of his amazing reclaimed glass!  These are perfect as paperweights or as smaller decorative pieces.  AND…they are polished (which requires a torch and very careful hands!).  The polishing makes them so pretty and shiny.  These are great as gifts…and believe it or not it’s almost time to think about your holiday shopping.  Price for the smaller ones varies…most between $8 and $20

Cool Vintage Card Table

5 October 2011

Awesome little table with red velvet/felt top.  It’s in wonderful condition!!  Price= $199

Vintage Crate Furniture Chair with Tray (SOLD)

5 October 2011

This is a great piece- when we received it it was in a bit of distress, so we had it re-upholstered and spiffed up a bit, and it’s a fantastic piece!  I’d imagine that more often than not these chairs are missing their trays so it’s quite a find.  You can place the tray off to the side (like in the pic), or it can face into the chair like a tray- perfect for reading, using a laptop, etc.  Price= $299

Sweet Dresser with Glass Knobs (SOLD!)

4 October 2011

This guy was in kind of rough condition when we acquired it, but with a little love, fresh coat of paint, and vintage glass knobs it’s now the perfect piece!  This would be great in a kid’s room because of the size.  Price= $199

LOTS of new letters!

4 October 2011

So many people have been asking and asking for these that we had to get a big batch in! We brought in about 75 of them on Saturday. We’ve already sold a good handful of them, but the picking is prime if you’re looking for a certain letter!

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