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Extra Large Printers Blocks

6 December 2011

These large, wood stampings were made for printers to manually, laborously print out words for signs, posters, etc.  These make great gifts for artists and can act as paper weights, or you can put a little saw-tooth hanger on the back and hang them on the wall.  Price= $12 each

Glove Mold on its Original Factory Arm!

6 December 2011

We have had a handful of these glove molds in throughout the last several months, but this is the first one I’ve ever seen that is still attached to it’s original factory arm!  I haven’t had a chance to mount this yet, but imagine how great it will look as a 3-d piece of art on the wall!!

Old Orange Crates from a Local Grove (SOLD)

6 December 2011

You know that we love anything with a local flair!  These crates were salvaged from an old orange grove.  They have the perfect rustic touch and would make great magazine holders, storage baskets for your shelves, or even mounted on the wall as a shadow-box type of shelf.  They have the burnt-in markings and some of them even say ‘St. Pete’!  Price= $35

Industrial Factory Lamp (SOLD)

6 December 2011

Let’s talk about all the cool features of this lamp- you have the mesh grate over the bulb, the BAKELITE base in uncracked, wonderful condition, and the metal frame.  This piece is so restoration hardware.  Price= $69

Bicycle Plant Stand (SOLD)

6 December 2011

This little guy is such a cute garden accessory!  It holds two plants, and you could even paint it a brighter color if you wanted, and I think it would look really cool.  Sorry it’s kind of hard to see in this pic.  Price= $39

Cute Zebra Side Chair and Red Trunk (Red Trunk SOLD)

6 December 2011

I staged these together because I love the way they play off of each other!  The chair is a nice, solid, well-made piece that’s been professionally re-upholstered in the very trendy zebra print.  The trunk has been meticulously hand-painted by an artist in this bright red color.  Price= $99 for the chair, $129 for the trunk.

Funky Mid-Century Dining Set with Leaf (SOLD)

5 December 2011

Oh so retro!  This set has the laminate table-top in perfect condition, the funky metal trim, and four mustard-yellow chairs with their original upholstery.  Plus- it even has a leaf for those larger gatherings!  Wow!!  Price= $399

Art Deco Dental Cabinet (SOLD)

28 November 2011

This cabinet was used by a Tampa dentist all the way into the 1960′s.  It’s an art deco piece that has all kinds of fun drawers, pull-out shelves, and little compartments.  It’s very heavy- it was too heavy for two guys to carry without the assistance of a dolly!  It also has the original label inside the top lift-up shelf.  It’s also a steal if you’re looking for antique medical pieces- they are so popular now that  pieces similar that this can easily go for over $1,000.  Price= $469

Petrified Wood Blocks

28 November 2011

I went to lift one of these and they are HEAVY!!  I suppose that’s what happens when things petrify though, huh?  :)

These are nice as artistic elements and add a nice rustic vibe to your space.  We also have some petrified pieces of whale vertebrae (sorry…I didn’t catch any pics of those!). 

1950′s Drafting Table (SOLD)

28 November 2011

Oh- My- Goodness!  What an amazing piece!!  This is an authentic 1950′s drafting table in a fantastic cool green color.  The top fully tilts up for working on drawings, and the drawer is labeled ‘blueprints’. 

I can’t verify this, but the person we got this from said that it came out of a nuclear power plant up north.  His family member worked there and was able to take the desk home with him when the plant closed.  If it’s tru it’s an even cooler addition to an already neat piece!  Price= $399

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