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Gorgeous Faceted Mirror, Green Console Table (SOLD)

16 July 2012

Great piece- I saw a similar design done on an entire wall on a recent episode of Design Star!  Price= $99

Art Deco Style Moon Lamp (SOLD)

18 May 2012

The lady silhouettes were so popular during the Art Deco Era- this lamp pays homage to the classic woman holding the moon.  Price= $79

Gorgeous Art Deco Dining Set (BUFFET SOLD)

26 March 2012

This is a complete set!  It includes:  A dining table with TWO leaves, 6 button-tacked chairs, a china cabinet, and a buffet.  The work on the fronts of the china cabinet and the buffet are gorgeous and very typical of the Art Deco period (I’m guessing around 1930 for this set).  The table also has the yellow key pattern all the way around it. 

A couple of the chairs need the supports on the bottom re-done, but all of the upholstery and button tacking are in amazing condition.  Price= $1399 for EVERYTHING!!

Gorgeous Silver Art Deco Buffet with Lion Pulls! (SOLD)

13 March 2012

The last buffet we did in silver was a slightly darker, more pewter shade.  This is more of a light, frosty silver.  This amazing piece has glass pulls on the drawers and lion pulls on the drawers- those are always coveted!  I love the silver took this dark, heavy piece and gave it a nice light feel!  Oruce= $299

Short Art Deco Dresser with Mirror (SOLD)

8 March 2012

Here is the short counterpart to the tall dresser I just posted.  It has a round mirror- very classic and typical for the period- and overall is a really nice piece.  Price= $249

1940′s Dining Set (SOLD)

1 February 2012

This set is super cute, and in wonderful condition!  It’s made of heavy wrought iron and the cushions on the chair are in pristine condition!  Visually speaking it takes up little room because of the glass top- it’s very open and airy.  Price= $229

We Have Purchased Several Pieces From PSM, But This Piece Takes The Cake! -Tiffany W

25 January 2012

Gorgeous Silver Art Deco Sideboard (SOLD)

12 January 2012

I wanted to wait until we have this piece staged to snap a pic and post it, but I just couldnt wait!!  This may be one of my favorite pieces we’ve ever done.  It’s an ornate sideboard from the 1920′s that we have professonally refinished in a great silver color.  The lightness of the silver is a contrast to the heavy detail on the piece so it has a great look!  Price= $369

Art Deco Dental Cabinet (SOLD)

28 November 2011

This cabinet was used by a Tampa dentist all the way into the 1960′s.  It’s an art deco piece that has all kinds of fun drawers, pull-out shelves, and little compartments.  It’s very heavy- it was too heavy for two guys to carry without the assistance of a dolly!  It also has the original label inside the top lift-up shelf.  It’s also a steal if you’re looking for antique medical pieces- they are so popular now that  pieces similar that this can easily go for over $1,000.  Price= $469

Petrified Wood Blocks

28 November 2011

I went to lift one of these and they are HEAVY!!  I suppose that’s what happens when things petrify though, huh?  :)

These are nice as artistic elements and add a nice rustic vibe to your space.  We also have some petrified pieces of whale vertebrae (sorry…I didn’t catch any pics of those!). 

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