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Cool Steamer Trunk (SOLD)

23 November 2011

I wish I had taken some pics of the inside of this trunk because it is VERY neat!  There are two original inserts, and one has a round hat holder.  I’ve never seen that in any of the trunks we’ve ever had!  It would make a great coffee table or storage chest for the end of your bed.  Price= $139

Industrial Green Box (SOLD)

18 October 2011

Great color- perfect for tucking away odds and ends like magazines, etc.  Price= $49

Medical Slides- New Selection! (SOLD)

18 October 2011

We just received a couple of sets of vintage medical slides.  Some are x-ray and some are medical info.  We also have nice display boxes for them.  These vary in price- some are $5 each, and one box is $49 for the set.

Funky Vintage Stand- Candle or Hat (SOLD)

18 October 2011

This is a METAL stand that may be for a candle or may be for a hat.  Either way, it’s a neat vintage piece that looks great as an accent piece!  Price= $39

Nice Shabby Chic Wall Mantle (SOLD)

18 October 2011

Very pretty wall mantle with mirror.  This is an older, quite heavy piece.  It’s a perfect color that will work with many different styles.  Price= $199

Factory Seal Embossing Presses

18 October 2011

These are two different presses used for embossing seals into paper.  I took a shot of the presses themselves, and of the seals that they stamp on paper.  Neat conversation pieces!  Price= $49 ea.

Mid-Century Lane Side Table (SOLD)

18 October 2011

This is larger than your normal end table, so you could use it for a number of things…even a coffee table if you have a smaller space.  Price= $59

Industrial Cabinet

18 October 2011

This is a great industrial piece with an amazing finish!  It would be perfect in a craft room, in a kitchen, or even as a piece to put your flatscreen on/above.  Price= $495

Lovely Victorian Sofa (SOLD)

18 October 2011

This is a very traditional piece, so it’s perfect if you like a classic antique style.  It’s also perfect for mixing it up!  If you get a chance to see this in our window display you will see it mixed with many different pieces…all kinds of colors and styles, and it looks great!  Price= $229

Turquoise Duncan Phyfe Style Table (SOLD)

18 October 2011

Love love love the color!  This Duncan Phyfe style table has two drop-leafs so it can fit in the smallest of spaces and then when you need the space…voila!  It’s been distressed and waxed and has a super-smooth finish.  Price= $199

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