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Train Station Ticket Window (SOLD)

31 October 2012

This is an amazing, heavy, train station ticket window from the 1920′s.  The gal we purchased it from thinks it has roots back to New York.

I think this would make great art, and one customer even looked at it to use abover her desk in her office as her bulletin/pin board!  Price= $349

Set of Six 1948 Gasparilla Low-Ball Glasses (SOLD)

31 October 2012

Gasparilla is right around the corner!  Accent your party with authentic local vintage glassware!  This set of six Gasparilla low-ball glasses are marked 1948 and inlcude a shield.  Price= $39

Green Accent Chair with Nailhead Trim (SOLD)

31 October 2012

Fabulous vintage condition!  We had to pick up this guy because of the amazing nailhead trim!!  Price= $119

Gorgeous Retro Light Fixture (SOLD!)

31 October 2012

Amazing period piece!  Complete with oversized bulbs and alls!  Price= $199


Metal Multi-cubby Organizer (SOLD)

3 January 2012

This is a nice sized piece because you can use it on a tabletop if you’d like, but it’s also a decent enough size that it can hold it’s own on the floor.  Lots of compartments- you could do mail, organize your crafty things, or dozens of other uses.  Price= $169

Metal Furniture! Metal Desk in Great Blue Shade (SOLD)

3 January 2012

There was a really robotic time in history where they produced funky furniture made of metal!  This is different from most of the other metal pieces because those are truly industrial pieces made for factories and stuff.  This is actual METAL furniture that was made for your HOME!  Most of them don’t exist anymore so these are kind of hard to come by.  I also love the blue color on this one.  Price= $199

Also note some other fun little stuff that we brought in- a little orange lamp, industrial basket, etc :)

Red Top Birdcage (SOLD)

3 January 2012

Doesn’t this one remind you of a little bird circus??  And they thought those flea circus things were cute- birds would be so much better!  It’s a decent-sized cage with a stand and the big red top.  Price= $69

Hip 1950′s Kitchenware (SOLD)

3 January 2012

I bet that in the 50′s everyone thought this was so space age!  It’s super shiny chrome and the breadbox has a nice shelf inside, so you can keep the bagels up top and the bread down below!  The canisters stack nicely together and are labled coffee, tea, sugar, and flour.  Price= $35 for the breadbox, $40 for all 4 canisters.

PS- my pics on this aren’t good- sorry :( I took them at night so I didn’t have great lighting, and all the light was bouncing off of this superchrome!

Green Farmhouse Cabinet (SOLD)

3 January 2012

We did this little guy up in a punchy green chalk paint.  You can tell this is a really old piece when you see the wood and the way it was built by hand.  Price= $149

Wow!! Limited Amount- Old Gas Station Numbers (SOLD)

3 January 2012

Super industrial METAL gas station numbers from a closed- down station in Central Florida.  These are bigger than they look in this pic too because we have really high ceilings.  We have a handful of numbers to choose from and have a total of eight of these available.  So…you can do one number or mix and match!  Price= $39 ea.

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