Metal Furniture! Metal Desk in Great Blue Shade (SOLD)

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There was a really robotic time in history where they produced funky furniture made of metal!  This is different from most of the other metal pieces because those are truly industrial pieces made for factories and stuff.  This is actual … Continued

Hip 1950’s Kitchenware (SOLD)

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I bet that in the 50’s everyone thought this was so space age!  It’s super shiny chrome and the breadbox has a nice shelf inside, so you can keep the bagels up top and the bread down below!  The canisters … Continued

Wow!! Limited Amount- Old Gas Station Numbers (SOLD)

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Super industrial METAL gas station numbers from a closed- down station in Central Florida.  These are bigger than they look in this pic too because we have really high ceilings.  We have a handful of numbers to choose from and … Continued

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