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Lots of Goodies!

15 June 2012

I’ve been slacking a bit with new inventory posting because we’ve been traveling, etc.  Here are a handful of pics of new items that we have in!  I’ll try to do some more detailed listings soon.

Urinal Decanters

18 May 2012

Well there are two words you don’t see together very often, eh?  These are antique infirmary urinals.  They are what we call dead stock, meaning that they are unused.  Imagine your next dinner party when you serve the wine out of these- it will make for great conversation at the very least!  :)  They also function as vases or simply for decorative purposes.  Price= $39 each

Vintage Detecto Bathroom Scale

23 April 2012

This scale is really accurate, and I love the bubble-eye lens over the weight!  We actually have two of these- a white one and a green one. Price= $29 each

Antique Eye Washers

23 April 2012

These are interesting conversation pieces and great little accents for anyone interested in antique medical stuff.  They were used with saline solution to wash out the eyes once or twice a day.  Price= around $20 each.

French Linen Chair (SOLD)

13 April 2012

This stunning chair from the 1940′s has been professionally re-upholstered in a gorgeous French linen.  It has spring cushions and a fantastic wood frame!  Price= $269

Teal Drop-Leaf Table (SOLD)

13 April 2012

Everyone loves a good drop-leaf table…especially one with nice brass feet.  These look so great in this color that we paint them pretty much every time we get one.  This one is especially gorgeous because of the dark finish underneath.  Price= $299

Vintage Medical Table and Seltzer Bottles

26 March 2012

These bottles are great for use in design because of their industry vibe and deep, rich colors.  They vary in price from $26-$36 each.  They are sitting on a great medical table that could be used as a small desk or entry table.

Vintage White Scale (SOLD)

23 March 2012

This scale has a great look, and the white enameling is in amazing condition!  It’s pretty accurate too- we’ve put a few things on the little tray and they balance out nicely.  Price= $149

Metal Desk and Large FL Schoolhouse Map (SOLD)

13 March 2012

These look great together!  The desk is a solid, heavy metal piece and the map is a great FL throwback!  Price= $269 for the desk  $ for the map.

New Items from Tampa Bay Salvage

13 March 2012

Josh recently dropped off a BUNCH of new inventory!  Some of the larger pieces are featured individually, but here is a selection of small items that I think are really neat!  The box in the middle is asian driftwood pieces.  These are pre-ban and you actually can’t import these anymore.  They are $5 each.  The locker baskets on the left are $16 each, and the heavy gears on the right are $45 each.

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