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Complete 2x Twin Bed Set- HB, FB, Rails, and Cabinet (SOLD)

26 October 2011

Very nice set!  We sometimes find sets of two beds, but rarely do the twin sets have headboards,  and footboards, AND siderails.  This is a complete set including two footboards, two headboards, all the rails, and a center piece that can be used as a shared nightstand or somewhere else in the room.  All pieces are solid wood that have been refinished to a soft, smooth finish using chalk paint.  There is a light distressing and of course they are waxed for durability!  Price= $399 for ALL!! 

*We will break this set up if requested, so if you are interested in just the beds or just the cabinet please let us know

Original French Provencial Cabinet (SOLD)

26 October 2011

This cabinet is sooo sweet!  It’s an original French provencial piece- it even has the metal wire/grate on the front of the doors!  There is a light that lights up the top shelves, and the small ledge flips open to become a writing desk.  Great piece!  Price= $349

Retro Red Dressers (SOLD)

10 October 2011

These three are super funky!  Thye are red and white, with cute little knobs.  You can buy them all together or separately…the dressers are $99 each and the desk is $149

Small Bookshelf with Natural Wood Shelves

10 October 2011

Very nice little piece- detailing on the top arch, and natural wood shelving.  price= $149

Rustic Storage Unit (SOLD)

10 October 2011

This piece has been sanded down (to get rid of all of the loose rust), and lacquered…so it’s perfectly ready for your home!  Price= $199

Vintage Iron Stand (SOLD)

10 October 2011

Awesome colors and the perfect amount of weathering!  Price= $79

Small Bookshelf (SOLD)

10 October 2011

Nice little bookshelf .  Grey color.  Price= $149

Amazing Vintage China Cabinet (SOLD)

10 October 2011

Wow!!  Every once in a while we come out with one of those really unique, artisan pieces that are just one of-a-kind finds.  Well, this is one!  The soft, buttery outside and the silver/pewter inside both contrast and complement each other perfectly!  Price= $379

Red Farm Table (SOLD)

10 October 2011

Fantastic table!!  Dark red with dark wood underneath.  Nice legs and very sturdy!

AMAZING Antique Medical Exam Table (SOLD)

25 August 2011

WOW!!  Some things are once-in-a-lifetime, and this is one of those things.  When our picker called us with this piece I knew it would be cool, but I didn’t think that it would be anything like this.  The reason I love it is because it has all of the unique, mysterious vibes that come with the antique medical pieces….AND it is perfectly suited to be integrated into a modern home.

Picture this under your mounted TV.  The top can hold your cable box, speakers, etc…the cabinets and drawers can store your dvds and other things.  It’s the perfect, un-assuming piece….until your next show-and-tell session when – BAM- you pull out the story that this is a 1930 exam table from a real doctor’s office!  It has the original latches for the stirrups and the original label.  The top/pillow area still tilts up and the cushion covers are in fantastic condition. 

I wanted to stage it before I posted it but I just couldn’t wait!  Price for this amazing piece= $499

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