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Reducing Electricity Costs: These Tips Really Help!

“Just turn off the light!” If you look around a little about ways to save electricity, you will often come across not useful tips like these. Other pieces of advice help, but not everyone can do it. Who can replace a water heater in a rented apartment? But some options can be put into practice and help reduce electricity consumption. This article provides just such practical tips! Including an idea that does not necessarily reduce consumption, but significantly reduces costs.

Identify real power guzzlers.

Old devices use more electricity and are real money destruction machines. It is rightly advised to replace such devices over and over again. Nevertheless, advice like this often ignores the fact that it is not feasible for everyone to replace washing machines, stoves, refrigerators, and ovens with new models. After all, the new acquisitions are costly. And it will take several years for the savings to justify the acquisition costs. The following applies:

  • Exchange: If a device no longer works properly or no longer works at all, it is exchanged. Now, when buying a car, attention is paid to the right energy balance.
  • Hidden power guzzlers: So many devices are frequently on standby today that we hardly notice them. But it is precisely these devices that draw electricity, although they are not switched on at all. When not in use, they should either be completely switched off or – even better – completely disconnected from the power supply. Switch sockets help here!
  • Large TV sets: ¬†Flat-screen televisions require less power than tube sets, but they are power guzzlers. The large-scale models, in particular, draw a lot of electricity and should therefore only be used when TV is being watched. If you want entertainment while doing housework, it is better to use a small TV set.
  • Instantaneous water heater: Instantaneous water heaters are connected to many apartments. If they are only used in the kitchen, the temperature should be turned down. Here you can also consider whether a dishwasher might make more sense than washing a few cups and plates by hand every time. Since the machine runs less often, it is not only less electricity used, but also less water. With instantaneous water heaters for hot water production in the bathroom, things are a little different. Tenants often don’t have much leeway here, as the landlord has to agree to the device being replaced. However, the water temperature can be reduced. Many instantaneous water heaters are set too hot – nobody takes a shower or bath at over 60 degrees!
  • Lighting: In some apartments, old light bulbs or halogen spotlights are still used. They consume considerably more electricity and are, therefore, hidden electricity guzzlers. It makes sense to replace them with LED lights or energy-saving lighting gradually.

Anyone who is already looking for energy-saving solutions and absolutely cannot explain why so much electricity is being used should consult a specialist. Defective cables or lines may consume electricity. The specialist can locate these leaks and help to remedy the problem.

Electricity price comparison: In certain situations the most significant savings lever

Most people are not interested in electricity consumption, but rather in electricity costs. After all, these must ultimately be paid as a direct consequence. And especially those who have already changed their behavior and have new devices feel at the mercy of the costs. But that need not be! By the way, it is very astonishing how many households still have a very old electricity contract or use the contract that the landlord concluded for the apartment. So if you really want to save, you should compare the electricity prices and change providers if necessary. A few reasons:

  • Old contracts: The old contracts, in particular, are only adjusted in the price – upwards! Anyone who has been on the same tariff for years or has never used a new provider should make a provider comparison. Here are the savings of several hundred euros annually.
  • Primary supplier: Every house and apartment is connected to the basic supplier and is supplied with electricity via this provider if no other provider is used. Incidentally, this is the reason why no one is in the dark when switching providers: In an emergency, the electricity comes from the basic supplier. However, the simple connection tariffs are the ones that cost you money. Here, too, customers can save several hundred euros by switching.

But customers who have already signed their own contract should also carry out an electricity price comparison in between and see whether they can find cheaper tariffs elsewhere. This is especially true if the current contract has a minimum purchase amount that is higher than the electricity consumed. In this case, customers hardly receive a refund, as the minimum purchase amount is always billed.

However, the provider should not be changed without checking:

  • Notice periods: Long-term electricity contracts may be convenient, but prevent customers from switching if they find a cheaper offer. He can only cancel if the electricity provider increases his costs.
  • Bonus payments: when is the bonus paid out? Only after a year? In the price comparison, the bonus is often added to the monthly discounts, so that these appear lower than they are.
  • Payments: No electricity contract should be prepaid annually. The monthly advance payment is fine. Particularly in the case of very cheap offers from unknown electricity providers, it has happened more often in the past that they filed for bankruptcy, after which the customers did not see a cent of the annual sum they had already paid.

Conclusion: There are different ways to save

Of course, it’s not that easy to save electricity. Many people simply have their hands tied here. And even if specific devices in the household were to be exchanged, this might not be possible for financial reasons. Often the only thing left is to switch to energy-saving devices if the replacement has to take place because of a total write-off.

Power guzzlers, like most standby devices, can be countered by anyone with the simplest means. And if you take your time and take a closer look at your electricity contract, you can also save money when switching – not electricity, but cash!

Always keep an eye on the electricity tariff
Check contract with electricity supplier

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