Roller shutter belt hangs down

How to Replace The Roller Shutter Belt Winder

The roller shutter belt is just hanging around limply? Then it is time for a little repair! In these instructions, we explain in a nutshell how you can replace a broken roller shutter belt winder. After that, everything works as usual. And you certainly don’t need craftsmen for this.

The problem

If there is something wrong with the roller shutter belt, it is noticeable very quickly. Because the belt will hang slack on the wall and can no longer be operated properly. But if the belt has not broken, there is only one possible cause: a broken belt winder!

In such a case, you have to replace the defective roller shutter belt winder. However, this is not a particularly big challenge, as you will see from these instructions. Nevertheless, we will explain to you step by step how to replace the roller shutter belt winder.

Tools and materials

To replace the roller shutter belt winder, you only need one tool: a suitable screwdriver. Sensible because it also has to match the screws on the winder. Otherwise, there is a risk of unnecessary wear and tear. In our case, we need a PH2 screwdriver.

Of course, a new belt winder should not be missing. When buying, however, you have to pay attention to two things: First, the belt width has to be right. Second, the screw spacing on the wall should match the old one so that you don’t have to drill new holes.

Tip: There are also belt winders available that have flexible screw spacing. One less thing to watch out for!

Remove the old belt winder.

First of all, the old belt winder has to be removed. But that’s pretty easy. When the housing is opened, you can see the more or less rolled-up belt inside. This is now carefully removed and unwound. It immediately shows where the problem was: The spring on the winder is broken.

Then the way is exact to release the belt winder from the wall. There is a screw at the top and bottom. Both are unscrewed with the screwdriver and put aside. The old winder can now be disposed of.

Replace belt winder

The way is clear so that we can now replace the roller shutter belt winder. This does not pose any significant challenges, either. The housing is held against the wall and fixed with the fastening screws.

Once you’ve done that, it’s worth opening the new belt winder and taking a closer look inside beforehand. If you know how it works, the roller shutter belt can be tightened again more easily.

Tighten the belt

The remaining hand movements require a certain instinct and patience, but can still be mastered without further ado. First, the roller shutter belt must be threaded into the winder. The spring has a small metal hook to attach the belt.

So that the belt can be fully rolled up, the spring lock only needs to be activated. The best way to do this is to push it inwards with the screwdriver. You can now turn the belt onto the winder by hand.


Shut up, winder intact! This repair was swift and anything but complicated. Instead, the decisive factor for success is that you are even aware of how easily you can replace the roller shutter belt winder yourself.

Thanks to these instructions, you should now be familiar enough to tackle the problem yourself. And if you still want to take a closer look, check out our video soon! You will not be disappointed.

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