hanging picture frame without drilling

How to Hang A Picture Frame Without Drilling – DIY Guide

The desire quickly arises to want to hang up your new favorite motif in a presentable in a picture frame. Pretty much everyone has put their favorite picture on the wall at some point. But sometimes the picture should hang in places where nails and screws are at most a disservice. In such cases, it is convenient to have a double-sided adhesive mounting tape on hand. The adhesive strips quickly prove to be versatile little helpers because they can also be used to hang picture frames – without drilling!

What to do with the picture frame

An everyday picture: Shortly after a well-deserved holiday abroad, a tanned globetrotter is wandering desperately through his apartment – in his hand, a framed photo of the sun, beach, and cocktail bar. But what should you do with your beloved motif? The usual walls in the kitchen and living room already resemble ancestral galleries. And the drywall to the storage room is on the verge of the dusty end – too many shelves, too many cracks. Every further nail or even a screw could mean the end of this. The best way to get the picture would be on the strut of the chimney vent anyway. But drill into it? Probably not such a good idea …

When photos are looking for prominent wall space, drilling is not always an alternative. And drilling straight into a brick wall for an occasional motif is not an option for everyone. The effort is excellent, the brick dust everywhere, but the picture may not be so beautiful after all. If you want to hang up the picture frame without drilling and nails don’t help, double-sided adhesive strips can work wonders. With them, it is possible to fix picture frames at any point without drilling – provided the wall is not wallpapered! Because then it will be difficult to remove the strips again.

Design picture frames individually.

Design picture frames with old buttons

Glue buttons to picture frames

The real reason why our picture frame is not simply hung up where there is still space and where a nail can do: It was lovingly designed by hand! That’s why it should hang where it catches the eye.

It doesn’t take much to design picture frames individually. For example, if an old, possibly broken keyboard is within reach, it quickly finds a new purpose. Without further ado, their keys are released from their anchoring, and their thrust bearings are dabbed with universal glue. Now the buttons are distributed on the picture frame according to taste. Voil√† – the picture gift for computer lovers is ready! That also works well with the holiday photo.

Prepare the picture frame.

To hang up picture frames without drilling, only a few steps are necessary. And apart from tape and scissors, no tools are required. This is especially ideal when things have to be done quickly – or when the hammer always hits the thumb first. Anyone who does not feel called to the trade will, therefore, certainly breathe a sigh of relief.

Preparations are quick and easy: strips of the appropriate size are cut from the roll of adhesive tape. Depending on the dimensions of the picture frame, these are usually 3-5 cm long strips. These are now cut lengthways again. After all, the strips shouldn’t attract much attention later.

Then the adhesive strips are attached to the picture frame. With standard photo formats, two strips per long side, and one strip, each on the narrow sides are usually sufficient. Before continuing, however, it is first ensured that the wall section intended as the installation site is free of dust and another soiling. That would not help hold the strips in place. But as soon as everything fits, the protective film is pulled from the adhesive strip, and the second adhesive surface is exposed. Don’t get your fingers here now!

Hang the picture frame without drilling

If you want to be absolutely sure that everything is right, you can continue to work with the spirit level. Borders and other patterns on the wall, nearby shelves, or other pictures can also help to straighten the picture frame. Working at risk is not recommended here. Because once the frame sticks to the wall, it is no longer possible to correct it. With a little care, the alignment should not be a problem, and the picture will soon be hanging on the wall as if by magic.

As we have seen, hanging up picture frames without drilling is not witchcraft. But if the holiday motif no longer convinces at some point, that’s no drama either. The picture frame is rotated vigorously around its axis to loosen it. The adhesive strips can then be removed individually from the frame or wall. However, do not pull the frame off the wall like a plug! Even the best plaster can’t do that. If something goes wrong anyway, don’t despair! In this case, we recommend our instructions for plastering the wall, filling the wall ¬†– for guaranteed permanent solutions!

Picture frames make and hang
Double-sided adhesive strips in suitable lengths
share tape lengthwise
Replace half the adhesive strip on back of the frame
Remove the protective film from the adhesive strips
hanging picture frame without drilling

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