Euro pallets as raw material

DIY Bedroom: Build a Bed Yourself from Pallets

If you want to give your bedroom a new look on your own these days, it is not uncommon for you to build it yourself with pallets. This transport packaging offers plenty of advantages. The fact that with the help of pallets, it is possible to build your furniture in terms of shape, color, and size is particularly positive. Whether in the garden, living room, dining room, or bedroom – the pallet furniture trend has found its way into every room in the apartment.


First and foremost, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the pallet jargon, i.e., the labeling on the products. With Euro pallets, for example, it is important to ensure that models with an “MB” identifier are not used for construction. The reason for this is that the pallet has been treated with a toxic substance (methyl bromide). The burned-in stamps (EUR or EPAL) are important features that can also be used to identify the quality of a Euro pallet. Even if models with a used look are popular, do-it-yourselfers should find out how often the pallet has already been replaced and whether this will result in a restriction of use. After all, the good piece serves as a new sleeping pad in the best case.

When it comes to tools, the classics from spirit levels, saws, folding rules, and cordless screwdrivers to drills, belt grinders, and pens are, of course, necessary for building pallet furniture yourself. Interested parties also need relatively long wood screws to connect the individual pallets, as well as brushes and paint to paint the wood individually.


Pallet bed without mattress

Before going into detail with the instructions, one thing must not be ignored when building with pallets: your own health! In some countries, back pain is one of the absolute front runners among widespread diseases. So if you decide on a pallet bed, you must not forget to integrate a normal slatted frame into the construction. If the mattress lies on the pallet surface without an intermediate layer, back pain can result after the first night. After assembly, it is also important to be able to adjust the slatted frame, which is why the wooden substructure should be equipped with O or T sliders.


Paint pallets correctly

In the very first step, it is important to prepare the pallets for use in your own home. This includes, for example, sanding the surface to remove wood chips and residues. Either the sanding machine is used here, or the sanding can also be done with the appropriate sandpaper in coarse and fine quality. Every single pallet – 5 to 7 Euro pallets are recommended for a double bed – must be processed in this way.

A smooth palette is then to be painted in the second step. This allows the surface to be sealed, for example, to prevent the new bed from becoming damp or rotten over time. After all, the new sleeping pad should provide comfort for a while at night. It is usually not necessary to prime the palette before painting, as the paint adheres well to the untreated wood. In any case, painting is advisable before assembly. There are two reasons for this: On the one hand, after assembly, it may no longer be possible to get all corners and edges in the desired color. On the other hand, painting in the raw state is done faster because the pallets can be lined up next to one another and processed one after the other.

A drying phase of two to three days is recommended for the quality of the paintwork. Craftsmen prefer to wait a day long before the paint that has just been applied is damaged in soft spots and the work has to be repeated in all these areas.


When the pallets are dry, it is time to assemble the new bed:

To mark the foot end, do-it-yourselfers put two of the pallets together on the longer sides in parallel. The same thing happens at the head end, here with the shorter pallet sides. This is important so that the material protrudes on the sides. This is used to fix the mattress.
The next step is to fasten the pallets that have just been folded. Do-it-yourselfers need the cordless drill and wood screws to give the bed the best possible hold.
In order to integrate the mattress and slatted frame precisely, the two-bed components are measured. Do-it-yourselfers get the most precise dimensions by placing the mattress and slatted frame on the previous pallet construction.
Then the sawing work is due to cut the pallets to the dimensions just determined. The blank is then mounted on the construction. Do-it-yourselfers repeat these steps to complete the bed.


Finished pallet bed with furnishings

After assembly, the slatted frame and mattress can be placed. With color-coordinated bed linen, the new bed quickly brings a fresh look into the bedroom and, thanks to the correctly adjusted slatted frame, also ensures uncompromising comfort at night. The remaining pallets can be used as headboards if required and can be mounted upright on the back with a cordless screwdriver and wood screws in a few simple steps.

The pallet trend is sustainable and is all about upcycling. Transport packaging is often repaired or recycled if it is too severely damaged. Thus, the pallet trend not only provides a new piece of furniture for the bedroom but also helps to protect the environment.

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