Happy Halloween! We are excited to share with you a few shots from The Radley Haunted House, St. Pete’s very own annual haunted house (8 years running) put on by one of our great customers, Cody Meacham!

cody 3

He has been shopping local antique and décor stores for years to decorate his haunted houses and this year has utilized our inventory of Cavallini Paper as posters hanging in Dr. Radley’s house as well as a salvaged metal realtor sign originating from Central Ave!

cav 1





cav 2


cav 3cav 4




This year, Cody and his team of scare actors are ready to show you Dr. Radley’s Nightmare Machine – Located at 3900 19th St. N in St. Pete

cody 1

From Cody’s front feature in this month’s Creative Loafing:

“Our story centers around Dr. Radley, a sleep therapist who has suffered his whole life from nightmares,” explains Meacham, standing next to a giant owl sarcophagus in Radley’s office. “He has made it his goal to find answers to why nightmares happen. As his own dreams get more vivid, there is always this one creature that haunts him, making him more desperate, and more extreme with his patients and experiments.”